Date: 23/8/2016 11:47 PM UTC

Wholistic medicine

Wholistic medicine is only true to its name when it treats the entire being.  
Mind, body, spirit. It is soul rich medicine.  

We can experience wholistic medicine in many different ways and all kinds of health professionals and healers integrate all manner of healing modalities striving for wholistic therapy.

Healing resonates with me when it is authentic and steeped in a wholistic context.  

"It is the elixir of truth that you know in the depth of your being is healing."

I originally studied naturopathic medicine because I was not drawn to any one particular modality, whether it be homeopathy, herbalism, nutritional medicine, energetic medicine, acupressure and body work.  

It took me deep, and came from a wholistic perspective, but was not steeped in tradition that took me as deep as I yearned and needed to go.  

Life is mystery.  There are great healing mysteries that I wished to understand and dance with.  Ayurvedic medicine came into my life and I lit up. I had met my teacher and an ancient healing philosophy that went deep into the mystery of life and healing.

Apprenticing to a World Renowned Master Pulse reader and Ayurvedic physician I trained for years, focused and worked hard to develop the sensitivity and insight needed to understand and recognise the individual soul and what medicine was needed for the person.

Ayurveda is more than 5000 years old and as relevant for living well in the modern world as it was when gifted from the ancients all those years ago.  Why so? We are human beings and our nature does not change over the millennia.

Still I yearned to go deeper and my calling saw me mentored by wise international Anthroposophical Medical practitioners and pedagogical physicians in the spiritual science of medicine and healing.  I am humbled and have immense gratitude and reverence for the teachings of wholistic medicine and curative education given by Dr Rudolf Steiner and Dr Ita Legman.

More than 20 years along the rich journey of practitioner and educator, I love the ongoing learning and understanding of these great healing mysteries.  It is my path and calling and reveals more fully the meaning of wholistic and all it embodies.

Healing can be in the gesture, the story, the sound, the touch, the resonance, the smell, the taste, the sight.  It is natural.  We are nature beings and true medicine can never of synthetic substance or source.  

I believe this is not in the laws of nature and neither wholistic or fully of integrity.  

Wholistic is neither just you or me.  It is each of us together as a whole.  When you are ill, part of me is ill.  When you are well, part of me can be well.  

We must understand and embrace the wholistic paradigm of healing for ourselves, our children, our earth.  It is our task, challenge and duty.  I do not believe it is greater than us, nor is it less than us but we need courage and love to follow this path.

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Date: 13/5/2016 6:49 AM UTC

Ayurveda has given secrets to good sleep for 5000 years. This is not a modern phenomena or fad. What is modern, is lack of good sleep, in our overloaded, busy, crowded, highly stimulated lives.

There are some simple golden rules to follow for good sleep:

  • 10pm is the hour to be in bed daily for good sleep.  Ideally in sleep by 10pm and most definitely asleep by 11pm.  This is conducive to daily rhythms, especially those of digestion.  Catch this window or you become overstimulated inwardly. Yes, the second wind kicks in.
  • Lay on left side for 15 minutes on first going to bed.  Then you can lay on back or right side as most comfortable to sleep.  This encourages good movement internally and supports digestive processes.
  • Rub ghee into temples before going to sleep.
  • Avoid mentally stimulating activity for an hour before going to bed.  This includes all screens activity.  You wish to become ready for spiritualised slumber and nourishment not stimulated and ready for action.
  • Ideally do not have electronic equipment in your bedroom or sleeping area. If you do, be sure to turn them off at the power source to avoid them stimulating you.
  • Bedrooms are simply for sleeping.  Keep it that way and declutter as much as you can in this room of quietude to foster good rest.
  • Eat your evening meal at least three hours before bed.  Remember when the sun is at it’s highest your digestion is at it’s strongest and after the sun goes down you do not need as much food and have less capacity to digest it well.
  • Have a warm bath with epsom salts before bed.  If you do not have daily abhangha practice (self oil massage), then establish one and do it now!  This pacifies and nourishes you deeply imparting inherent strength and gracefulness to the body. It nourishes your nervous system.
  • Get up at the same time daily.  

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