Dipika Delmenico

Dipika Delmenico is a registered Naturopathic practitioner and had been practicing traditional medicines for more than 20 years.  Since 1999 she has trained extensively in Ayushakti Ayurveda under the practical tuitition of world renowned Master Vaidyas Pankaj Naram and Smita Naram and in their Mumbai and international clinics.   

Dipika has extensive practical experience in Ayurveda, the art of pulse reading, herbal remedies, diet, Panchakarma therapies and karma chikitsa therapy.  All six tools of Ayurveda.

Passionate about Ayurveda and wholistic healing Dipika brings great understanding, clarity and energy to her work having developed insight and sensitivity in reading a person's physical body, emotional and mental state through pulse evaluation.

It is through this vast experience she knows it is not enough to just understand a person.  You must give the experience of knowing you understand them and how to create a health promoting solution for the person.  The most holistic practitioner lives within each of us. The one who sees and knows us intimately, whole and completely.  We heal ourselves. Understanding this  is when the healing can begin and transformation can happen.

For many years Dipika has brought the principals of Anthroposophical Medicine into her clinical understanding and practice. Having been Mentored under the tuition of Anthroposophic Medical Specialist and Pedagogic School Health Consultant, Irmhild Kleinhenz, expanding her understanding and knowledge of the spiritual science of health and illness.  Dipika has completed her training  in the 5 year IPMT (International Post Graduate Medical Training) intensive program of Anthroposophic medicine in Australia and India.

Dipika has particular interest in women's health, family health and pedagogy health.

In 2014 she recorded a series on women's reproductive health issues which are becoming more prevalent in contemporary living from endometriosis, PCOD, fertility and menopause with women's fertility health specialist Dr. Smita Naram in Mumbai.

A respected, power and engaging speaker,  Dipika believes that healing the great feminine in each of us,  working with women's  health and reestablishing simple routines and rhythms in our lives is key for children and whole family health in all communities.

She currently practices in Torquay and Melbourne, Victoria.  In a busy clinical practice she gives ongoing consultation and support to patients of Ayushakti Ayurved in Australasia and globally.

Dipika believes we are each whole and complete in essence and embraces the task of people healing themselves through educating and remembering their essential nature.  She  gives community talks, group presentations and teaches Ayurveda and Yoga of Sound workshops and course programs with authentic and experienced yoga teachers.  Dipika Mentors Health Professionals and Ayurved Practitioners and teaches Ayurveda in Yoga teacher training programs.


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