Pindswed is the therapeutic application of dry heat with a potali (thick cotton cloth filled with medicinal herbs).

The combination of the heat and the herbs in the Potali soften and create space.  Pindswed thus reduces swelling and stiffness, loosens aam, toxins and excess dossiers accumulates from the tissues and particularly the joints. 

As it is a dry heat applicaton, Pindswed is slightly catabolic in its effect.  Thus in severe degenerative disease conditions and in the emaciated or particularly weak or elderly nursing forms of pindswed are given using rice and oils.

Pindswed may be applied to the whole of the body or locally.  Pindswed is usually given and indicated when aam, swelling or low circulation is present.

Pindswed is indicated for stiffness and swelling of body or joints, arthritis, osteo arthritis, cellulitis, obesity, puffiness, heart disease, bronchitis and respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease.  To remove swelling and accumulated aam or toxins in preparing the body for panchkarma treatments. To soften and relax in preparation of heartdhara, siddha paste massage and  marma treatments.


Heart Dhara

A therapeutic treatment where a dough dam is made of urid dal flour and placed over the heart region.  A warm decoction of medicated herbs, oils, ghee and water is applied rhythmically into the dam where it is absorbed through the skin into the heart region, channels and deep tissues.

Heart dhara is deeply relaxing and nourishing.  

Whilst it is indicated for all types of cardiac problems, circulatory issues, heart dharma works strongly on the feeling heart and therapeutic for emotional and mental stress.

Heart dharma removes blockage and promotes flow and strength to cardiac muscles and circulatory processes. It reinstates emotional flow fostering emotional steadfastness.


Kidney dhara

A therapeutic treatment where a dough dam is made and applied to the back over the kidney region.

A warm decoction of medicated herbs, oils, ghee and water is applied rhythmically into the dam.  There are different kinds of kidney dhara decoction which have either nourishing (bruhan) or scraping lekhan) effect on the kidneys.  For example, where swelling, growth, polysistic kidneys scraping dhara is given.  Where there is atrophy, nourishing dhara is given.


Bladder dhara

Similar to kidney dhara, bladder dhara is given for bladder problems including infections, swelling, urination dysfunction.



Therapeutically warmed, medicated oils are poured, threadlike, continuously from above, to the centre of the forehead. This  nourishes, calms, gives mental clarity, focus and comprehension.

It is indicated for tension, anxiety, anger and irritation, depression, poor concentration, insomnia, poor focus, all mental stress, epilepsy, hypertension and problems of central nervous system.


Netra basti

In this therapeutic treatment, medicated decoctions are applied externally to the eyes where they are blinked repeatedly and retained on the eyes for  a brief period of time.

Netra basti removes excess doshas, aam and waste as well as nourishing and pacifying.  In particular pitta or heat, reducing inflammation and tonifying.

Thus Netra basti is indicated for burning pain, retina problems, tension, headaches, glaucoma, scarring, cataract and vision problems.


Siddha Massage

Siddha massage is a most effective, penetrating treatment where the properties of the herbal paste applied to affected areas of skin penetrates, loosens, cuts through blockage caused by aam and separates the accumulated doshas stuck in the tissues.

It is indicated for muscular problems, stiffness and pain, paralysis, spondylosis and disorders of the nervous system.

Siddha paste can be applied locally to effected area or to the whole body and followed always by Pindswed heat massage. This brings the loosened doshas and aam back to the peripherary or gut tract for elimination.


Marma Chikitsa

Marma points are energy points or junctions located throughout the body. In marma treatment or therapy these points are worked in specific, subtle way and sequence which release, unblock and reinstate flow and process can occur in a healthy way.  It is penetrating, powerful and works on all levels of the body from the grossest physical where physical blockage and problem, to the most subtle of mental and emotional.



Nasya is the nasal application of medicated herbs and oils.  In liquid drops, medicated oils and ghee are applied and pass through each nostril into the nasal tract. 

Applying medicines nasally allows the treatment to reach all internal passages and part of the upper respiratory tract, sinus cavities and head.  

Accumulated mucous, phglem and toxins in the sinus, larynx, pharynx, mouth, ears, ears, eyes, nose, head and throat can be mobilised and eliminated through the nose and mouth.  

Nasya clears and opens the channels of the head, improves oxygenation and cerebral circulation, mobilises and removes aam (toxins), cleanse and allows rejuvenation of the tissues of the head and neck.  Prana movement and quality of flow is optimised.

Nasya is indicated for cough, cold, sinus congestion, sinusitis, allergies, hiccups, migraine, falling hair, premature greying of hair, epilepsy, itching, watery or dry eyes and ears, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, loss of hearing, tinnitus, loss of smell, dental problems, inflammation and infections of mouth.

Nasya is contraindicated during pregnancy, menstruation, immediately after taking hot bath or eating meal, when dehydrated (especially children) and if experiencing strong anxiousness.

Otherwise Nasya is indicated for persons from age 8 beyond.  Under 8 years of age a type of nasa called Pratimarsh is given with 1-2 drops oil only.

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